Brownells Primer

Brownells primers

If you want a quality primer that will last for years, Brownells is your best bet. This brand of primers offers superior accuracy, and is made from the highest-quality materials. Brownells primers are perfect for those who want to save money on ammunition and reload their own guns. These primers come in a wide variety of colors, and each package contains several dozen of them. The primers are backed by a lifetime warranty.

The first cause of primer shortages is consumer hoarding. Many reloaders purchase primers in bulk, and then resell them on multi-list and auction sites. Then, there’s the problem of consumers hoarding them, which is why many online retailers limit the quantity that can be purchased. Regardless, primer shortages are no laughing matter for the reloading community. Fortunately, there are many methods to solve the problem and keep prices down.

Primers have two basic types. Shock-sensitive and electric. The former is more common for handgun cartridges and rifle shells, and the latter is usually used on larger artillery pieces. Electric primers, on the other hand, are separate components. Some automatic weapons even have integral electric primers. When the latter is used, the projectile will be launched with the same force as a conventional bullet. A squib load is a condition in which the primer is missing a significant portion of its weight, and the bullet can only shoot partway into the barrel.